Graceville Art Festival

Thursday June 20 – Sunday June 23 Artist submissions and workshop registrations and all information are here: This year St Luke’s once again clears out all our…

Walk My Way May 11

Join us or support our Nambour Ninja’s team as we raise funds to support Ukrainian refugees. Our team page and information is right here…

New Year Message

There is a revolution and it’s happening now. Here’s a special MUSICAL about revolution – sing along with us and our our pastor!

Art Festival Thanks!

The Graceville Art Festival was a huge success with three days of art show, art classes, music, markets and fun! We were proud to host it and make…

Weirdness In The Bible?

Get some popcorn and enjoy this sermon! Recently we explored the short story of Ruth from the Old Testament in the Bible. It’s a very weird story. But…

Suffering & Hope?

Annoyingly deep sermons exploring suffering and sharing hope.

We Are F In Refugee

The Sunshine Coast Refugee Network (SCRAN) recently made a huge sign to show that our region welcomes refugees. St Luke’s church created the letter F. Well done team!

Anxiety Busters

Our series on worry and anxiety was supposed to be short, but a couple bonus sermons have appeared! You can here the entire series here.

Season Of Prayer

This is an exciting time for St Luke’s as we have called a new pastor with a dream to plant a new missional ministry or new church in…

Grace Table

When is the last time you ate with someone new? One expert says “Jesus eats his way through the Gospel of Luke”. At St Luke’s we have been…