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Ruth Sermon Series

Together we explore this 3100 year old story as a picture of what God is doing in Australian Churches and at Nambour. Each week we will also hear a “woman’s view” on this book. Audio and notes here.

Altar Art

Sometimes words can’t capture The Story. We are so grateful for altar art! You never know what new presentation you will find at St Luke’s Church… With thanks…

Graceville Turns 50

Graceville is the largest facility serving those with disability and mental illness on the Sunshine Coast and is run by Lutheran Services. We had a big birthday. Here’s…

Nothing Matters More 7

Here we finish seven weeks of sermons on grace with just one point. Grace means you are beloved. Grace means everything depends on God, who calls YOU beloved….

Nothing Matters More 6

Sunday Feb 6 is part 6 in a surprise series of sermons called “Nothing Matters More”. This week we explore how healthy spiritual life is both “defeated dead”…

Nothing Matters More 5

Blood Sweat Payment Revenge or Grace! What will it be for you? This is part five in a seven part sermon series explaining the absolute most totally vital…

Nothing Matters More 4

Nothing Matters More Than Grace! This is part four in what has turned into a series of sermons since the start of the year. This week we move…

Nothing Matters More 3

Nothing matters more than this. And it will take five or six weeks to explore it. So strap yourselves in for grace part 3.

Nothing Matters More 2

Somehow we started the year with a sermon that grew to two. Nothing matters more than this and there’s too much to say – so it’s grace part 2!

Nothing Matters More 1

Nothing matters more than this. If you don’t know this one thing, you know nothing about spiritual life!