Daily Bread Soup Kitchen meets in our hall on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It was created by, funded and run by by SunCoast Church. We believe in giving a hand up, not a hand out! Latest Daily Bread updates are on Facebook.

Orange Sky Laundry serve the local community from our driveway on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Orange Sky focus on creating a safe, positive and supportive environment for people who are too often ignored or who feel disconnected from the community.

Sunny Street provide healthcare to people in need. They’re at St Luke’s on Monday and Friday afternoons too.

Graceville Centre is the largest disability and mental illness service on the Sunshine Coast. It is a service run by Lutheran Services Queensland – and we love Graceville!

The Lutheran Church Of Australia is our denomination – we are Christians first, but we are unashamed to come from the Lutheran tradition and be a part of this great network.

JustPrayer.Org is a growing resource of ancient and modern prayers. It is curated by Pastor Matt and you can use it for personal prayer time, or for leading prayer and worship.

Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Witta are our partners up “on the range”.