If You Need Prayer

If you need prayer, drop us an email, call or just come on Sunday morning. We are willing to pray for you on a Sunday morning after our church service.

How To Pray

Prayer is talking and listening to God. It’s also just ‘being’ with God. Prayer sometimes uses words, sometimes just a cry or a sigh. Simply turn your mind towards God. Start however you like, but the best way is to start with the name of Jesus. You can pray on your own, or with others. The pastor at St Luke’s will often pray for people over the phone! If you’re unsure what to say, that’s fine – God is love and God’s Spirit can translate for you – so just say what’s on your mind!

How To Lead Prayer

So you have to lead prayer?  Relax!  The best prayer is the one you bring honestly no matter how it sounds.  Your stumbling prayer actually may be what people need to hear.  Leading prayer is not a performance.  It’s simply sharing your faith in a new way and inviting others into prayer.

To lead people in prayer is a wonderful and humbling role.  Someone who ‘leads prayer’ for others helps guide them in their relationship with God.  So lead with humility, simplicity, and openness before God who accepts us exactly as we are!

When you lead, slow down. Don’t say quite so much. And give those you’re leading some time to fill in their own thoughts.

Jesus says,

“And when you pray do not keep on babbling like pagans,
for they think they will be heard because of their many words…”  – Matthew 6:7

This is what I want to model when I lead others in prayer…

  – That God is approachable, near, and not judging our performance.

  – That God does not need a certain form of language to hear us.

  – That God hears in grace, not because of any technique, method, or trick!

  – That God wants our heart.

  – That God welcomes simplicity and stumbling.

  – That God loves us enough to accept our brutal honesty.

  – That God is grace.

When you lead prayer slow down a bit, say a bit less, give it some space. This will give those you lead space to talk to God and also to listen to the Holy Spirit!

We have our own website full of prayers – searchable and in categories!

If you want a Sunday service prayer you can click on “Prayers Of The Church”.

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