Through May we are learning a prayer that starts “The Lord Is My Shepherd” (Psalm 23). Each week we are doing a single verse of this prayer. Apologies for the quality of sermon 1 – it gets better!

Psalm 23 Part 5 “What Follows You?”

Psalm 23 Part 4 “What Table?”

Psalm 23 Part 3 “With Me”

Psalm 23 Part 2 “Settles, Leads, Brings Me Back!”

Psalm 23 Part 1 “The Lord Is My Shepherd”

If you love Country or R&B this is our favourite way to sing Psalm 23…

Or a nice soft version of Psalm 23 that we might learn st St Luke’s…

Or you might prefer the rappers from Group 1 Crew…

of Stay tuned, much more to come!