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The Book Of Ruth

Together we explore this 3100 year old story as a picture of what God is doing in Australian Churches and at Nambour. Each week we will also hear a “woman’s view” on this book. Audio and notes here.

We Are “F” In Refugee!

The Sunshine Coast Refugee Network (SCRAN) recently made a huge sign to show that our region welcomes refugees. St Luke’s church created the letter F. Well done team!

Sun Oct 9 Prayer & Growth Morning: “The Power Of Spiritual Partnerships”

Please join us for something special. A whole Sunday morning (9am to 12pm) to talk, explore, ask real questions, and grow. It includes quality teaching on how to…

Anxiety Busters

Our series on worry and anxiety was supposed to be short, but a couple bonus sermons have appeared! You can here the entire series here.

Art Show Video

St Luke’s was honoured to host the Graceville Art Show. Graceville is the Sunshine Coast’s largest disability and mental health service, run by Lutheran Services. It was a…

Season Of Prayer

This is an exciting time for St Luke’s as we have called a new pastor with a dream to plant a new missional ministry or new church in…

Grace Table

When is the last time you ate with someone new? One expert says “Jesus eats his way through the Gospel of Luke”. At St Luke’s we have been…

Altar Art

Sometimes words can’t capture The Story. We are so grateful for altar art! You never know what new presentation you will find at St Luke’s Church… With thanks…

Graceville Turns 50

Graceville is the largest facility serving those with disability and mental illness on the Sunshine Coast and is run by Lutheran Services. We had a big birthday. Here’s…

Christmas Pics

What an amazing time at Christmas worship and carols. Thank you to all who created it!